Mini Pie Mini Bake Sale

Art by Chef @robrubba 

Is it possible that I have never baked for a bake sale? This seems impossibleand I'm guessing that I have and just can't rememberbut I have no memory of doing it! (I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I do have a memory of selling store-bought mini cupcakes from BJs at a bake sale for my Irish dance club in college, as most of us lived in the dorms and didn't have ovens. I don't remember why we thought a bake sale was a good idea in this scenario.)

Anyway, time to rectify that, because THIS is a good idea (and 100% not mine). Pastry chefs and home bakers across the world are hosting bake sales this week (June 15-20) and donating the proceeds to organizations committed to fighting systemic racism. (See? Better idea than re-selling BJ's baked goods.)

I learned about Bakers Against Racism a few days ago from The Parlor Ice Cream Co., a (fabulous) local Maine business that's teaming up with a bunch of other pros in my area to sell cookie boxes. You want a cookie box, right?? Me too! But the next day I learned that they had sold out with 200+ orders! 

Scrolling through Instagram, I realized how many enthusiastic amateur bakers are participating, and thought, wait, that's me! Things I am good at: 1. baking pie; 2. making miniature things; and 3. spreading the word to the dozens of people who read this blog!

Over the weekend, I also learned that my college sorority (Delta Delta Delta's Alpha Chapter at Boston University) is fundraising during Pride Month for the Transgender Law Center, a nonprofit I have long admired for its work advocating for transgender rights through the lens of intersectionality and racial justice. (I thought we did good shit during my collegiate tenure with Tri Delta, but these folks have kicked it up a notch.)

So! What's with the mini chocolate pies? Here's the skinny:
  • I'm participating in Bakers Against Racism with a mini bake sale.
  • I will bake mini FRENCH SILK CHOCOLATE (chocolate cookie crust) and/or BANANA CREAM (graham cracker crust) pies for folks who pre-order them (details below!)
  • I'll deliver these little beauties on Saturday, June 20th anywhere in Southern Maine.
  • All proceeds will be donated to the Transgender Law Center and Black Lives Matter Portland Maine. 
[Looking for the recipe for the chocolate version pictured here? Hello 2016! --> French Silk Peanut Butter Tarts]

Questions? Comment here or email me! (Don't use Venmo but want pies? Email me to order yours and we'll sort out payment!)