Mossy Spring Wreath

Could it be... Spring?

After 108+ (record) inches of snow this winter, highs in the 30s and sleet last week, things are finally looking up.

Truth be told, I might have had my winter wreath up well into March, so I accept a bit of responsibility for all that.

Anyway, with the arrival of spring weather this week, it finally felt like the time for some greenery.

I used this example as a guideline, except I didn't use any spray adhesive (I wanted everything to be removable to reuse the wreath form). I also had some faux flowering branches lying around (who doesn't?) which I pruned and stuck in for a little floral splash.

And now, a little note about moss! You can buy preserved moss on Amazon or at a craft store like Michaels. I bought mine online and thus didn't quite understand how much volume 16 ounces of moss would be. The good news: I might create a side-project blog solely dedicated to moss experiments. Moss cupcakes? Let's find out!

Jk. But if you have any ideas for moss-centered projects, hit me up!

As beautiful as it looked in natural light, here it is in its true habitat: the dim hallway door.

Mosssy Spring Wreath

What you'll need:

- Grapevine Wreath Form*
- Preserved Spanish Moss (green)
- Preserved Spanish Moss (natural)
- Faux flowering branches (I trimmed blooms from a branch of faux tiny white flowers and a branch of faux purple thistle - found on the cheap at Michaels and Pier 1)
- Twine

Basically, just tear of clumps of moss and push into the grapevine wreath. It's not a terribly exact science, although I do admit to using a crochet hook a few times to pull the moss where I wanted it. I used just a few clumps of the natural moss, but I think it would look good with a little more, or maybe a couple shades of green.

I threaded in pieces of the faux florals (each about 2-3 inches) in various spots.

To finish it off, I wrapped the whole wreath in twine - partly decorative, but partly to help hold all the moss in, as I wasn't using adhesive. If you aren't concerned with re-using your wreath form at any point, try out adhesive (although my instinct is it might start to get a bit messy, with moss stuck to everything).

* I have two wreath forms - this grapevine wreath and a straw wreath form, both 16 inches. I create my wreaths using pins so everything can be removed and reused - life is temporary, right?