Pumpkin Week: DIY Mini Pumpkins

Now for a Pumpkin Week post that doesn't involve eating any pumpkins. Or, for that matter, scooping out any pumpkin goo. Pick up a few mini pumpkins or gourds, skip the carving, and create some colorful little fall accents.

I invited friends over to eat some Pumpkin Week treats and DIY some mini pumpkins. It was a great group activity and a fun way to see everyone's personalities applied to a tiny pumpkin!

Here are some ideas to decorate your own pumpkin:

{buttons, hot glue, twine, and a brass tack on the stem}

{washi tape segments, twine, and brass tack}

{coordinating ribbon, washi tape, and silver tacks}

{twine, twine, more twine, hot glue, gold washi tape, and a brass tack}

Any other crafty ideas for a no-carve pumpkin?