My Perfect Manhattan

Given all the recipes on this blog, including many cocktail recipes (um, including two cucumber gimlet recipes), I have no idea how I've never included a Manhattan. My go-to cocktail, both at home and at the bar, this is sure to please any whiskey fan. (If you don't like whiskey, maybe not.)

Required ingredients: whiskey, vermouth, and bitters. Usually you'll find Manhattans are served up in a martini glass, made with sweet vermouth (this is a "true" Manhattan), and garnished with a maraschino cherry. A "perfect" Manhattan is mixed with half sweet vermouth, half dry vermouth. I like this balance as it cuts the sweetness of the drink a bit. I also prefer drinking most cocktails from a heavy-bottomed glass with ice to keep everything nice and cold.  (And I like most food, but I despise maraschino cherries and find that citrus usually ends up balancing everything nicely.)

So, my perfect Manhattan ends up as the following:

2.5 ounces bourbon
.25 ounce sweet (red) vermouth
.25 ounce dry (white) vermouth
Dash of bitters (your choice, but standard angostura works well)
Lemon peel

Shake bourbon, vermouths, and bitters over ice. Strain into a glass of ice, rub lemon peel on the rim, and top with the lemon.

(+straw for me, no straw for Nate)


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