Spiked Ginger Lemonade

Do you live in Boston? Do you ever visit the Bon Me food truck? Because you should.

Just kidding. I really don't need to wait longer than 30 minutes in line for my go-to Thursday lunch. So if you're not already there, stay away.

I don't quite understand why Bon Me's line is 4x as long as any other truck's that I frequent, but their banh mi sandwich is generally worth it (hence the namesake).

Also making it worth the wait is their spicy ginger lemonade (perhaps less so in the dead of winter, although it'd probably be amazing hot, too).

Mine didn't turn out as spicy and gingery as Bon Me's, regrettably. But I made up for it with a healthy dose of rye whiskey. Recommended. Plus, the whiskey did a really pretty float effect which, when combined with a striped paper straw, made me feel especially fancy.

Spiked Ginger Lemonade
Makes 6 servings

7 cups water
1/2 cup chopped or grated ginger root **see note**
1/2 cup fresh lemon juice (I juiced 5 lemons)
1/2 cup sugar
6 oz whiskey (if you're feeling daring - obviously the lemonade is delicious flying solo!)

In a large saucepan, bring water and ginger to a simmer. With the pot's lid on but askew, continue to simmer for 30 minutes. This will be the best-smelling 30 minutes your kitchen has ever experienced.

Add lemon juice and sugar; stir until sugar is dissolved.

Transfer lemonade to a heat-proof pitcher or bowl. Let cool.

Serve in a glass full of ice and top with 1 oz of whiskey.

** My ginger was frozen, so chopping wasn't really an option. I grated probably 1/4 cup worth into my water and simmered with that. However, I think more ginger would be better here, and chopping is probably a more reasonable way than grating to get 1/2 cup in there. **