Candle Centerpieces

Spoiler: this may not be my most earth-shattering post. The moral is, candles are a simple and attractive way to add pops of color around the house.

Here are three ways I use candles to complement my decor:

Candle: Basic white pillars made fancy by glueing silver glitter around their bases. (This is easy - use painters tape to mark where you want the glitter, coat with a layer of modge podge or glue, sprinkle glitter to coat, remove tape, let dry.)
Complement: Mixed sea glass in teal and blue, the accent colors in my living room (a Pier 1 find).
Vessel: Large, square, looks-like-wood-but-is-plastic charger (yep, another Pier 1 find. They really get me there.).
Location: Low and broad on the coffee table.

Candle: Wide pillar in a muted accent color with a heavenly smell (clean sea breeze, I believe).
Complement: Weathered black river rocks (look, I really like Pier 1).
Vessel: Elevated 7" cake stand.
Location: Centered on the dinner table's runner, to give the whole table some height.

Candle: Pop of bright color with a fun pattern (too cute for me to actually light, so far).
Complement: Subtle clear glass vase filler, which won't compete with the bold pattern.
Vessel: Simple, small, square plate to contrast with the circular candle.
Location: Next to the wine rack as a small colorful accent.


  1. I love the seaglass! and the pattern on the last candle is so adorable <3

    1. I love that candle! I got it at Hobby Lobby for super cheap - I just wish that Hobby Lobbys existed in New England!


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