B+W Striped Shorts

Remember 2 years ago when I finally discovered Polyvore?

Is anyone still on there?

Summer Nights

It seems like some people must be using it, because I see outfit sets popping up on Pinterest pretty regularly. I for one still browse it from time to time for shopping inspiration.

Anyway, I recently bought a pair of black and white striped shorts (not these, actually; mine are from Gap but I guess they're not carrying them anymore) and have found them surprisingly easy to dress up or down this summer.

Dkny tee

Emma Cook high rise shorts

ALDO high heels

Coast leather handbag
$60 - coast-stores.com

Straw hat
$11 - bluebanana.com

Above are some ideas to pair with them, with plenty of hot pink. This particular combination feels a bit too Miami for me to pull off; I might have to ditch the fedora to make it work in New England.

Any other favorite summer outfit staples out there?


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