Growing up, my family visited New Orleans a lot, and as a kid I was in heaven eating beignets at Cafe Du Monde in the French Quarter.

I just got back from a quick NOLA trip, where I got to see all my best friends AND my favorite aunt and uncle. Not only did I get to stuff my face at Cafe Du Monde with my girlfriends, I brought home a box of their famous beignet mix so I can stuff my face at home!

Of course you can make French donuts (aka fried dough) from scratch, but this mix makes it super easy. Just make sure you have a few pounds of powdered sugar on hand (per person).

These weren't quite as puffy as the beignets in New Orleans, but still a delicious breakfast eaten al fresco with a cappuccino (or cafe au lait).

Order your own Cafe Du Monde mix or try your hand at homemade dough!


  1. I made them at home by guesswork, and they turned out okay. Of course, if you dump enough powdered sugar on something that contains a lot of grease and flour, how can you go wrong?


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