Whoopie Pies

I don't really like super-sweet desserts. But I love pretty things.

This is my curse.

I saw this recipe from Cookies & Cups months ago for rich, chocolatey whoopie pies filled with a buttercream frosting hopped up on Funfetti cake mix. And, like so many things on my Pinterest boards, I meant to make them. For all those months.

Then, finally, the Superbowl seemed like a good enough excuse to use 3 sticks of butter and half a cup of shortening. (I was already eating buffalo chicken dip, so what's the difference?)

Yes, this looks kind of like dog doo. Oh well.

I followed the Cookies & Cups recipe closely, and they turned out perfectly. One thing of note: their recipe doesn't explain how to successfully spoon out cake batter onto a pan to get pretty circles. Perhaps you can luck out by just spooning globs and hoping they spread correctly, but I put my cake batter in a piping bag with a large tip and piped it in little mounds on the cookie sheet (with parchment paper or a silpat - this is a must!). This resulted in pretty circles and, more importantly when you start making the sandwiches, equally-sized cakes.

The buttercream is ridiculous. Butter, shortening, powdered sugar, milk, and FUNFETTI CAKE MIX. Crazy. It really does taste like cake batter, although I will say that the chocolate tones down the sweetness when you eat it all together.

And as blogger Shelly said, "I rolled my pies in sprinkles, just because it seemed like the right thing to do."

Right on, Shelly.