Rainy Day Chic

So I discovered Polyvore.

Rainy Day Chic

I actually discovered it a few months ago, but just recently tried my hand at creating some "sets," as they're called.

If you're not familiar, Polyvore is a fashion inspiration website that has a gigantic compilation of apparel and accessories from various retail websites. You drag and drop those products, along with clipart, text, and even backgrounds, borders, or pre-made templates, to create looks you're digging. Polyvore keeps a list of each product in your set, along with the brand and price.

I promise not to become a daily Polyvore blog, but as it's been raining for the past two days in Boston, I thought I'd debut my current ideal outfit: Rainy Day Chic. I'm loving the subdued basics with a couple punches of color where it counts. Plus it features both stripes and polkadots, two of my favorites that are very hard to combine.

Anyone else feeling like that Juicy Couture umbrella might be the remedy for rainy day blues?

Juicy couture shirt
€149 - jades24.com

Burberry Prorsum short coat
€1.695 - montaignemarket.com

Hollister Co. destructed jeans
$30 - hollisterco.com

Hunter waterproof shoes
$125 - zappos.com

Kate Spade tote hand bag
$195 - nordstrom.com

Juicy Couture logo umbrella
$48 - juicycouture.com

Miso acrylic scarve
£13 - republic.co.uk