Pumpkin Kiss Cookies

Looking for a fun Halloween treat to make this weekend? I know it's possible people are getting sick of combining candy corn and chocolate if they've been reading my blog this month, but these are really the ultimate Halloween cookie.

Consider the components: Fudgey, chocolately cookie, covered in festive sprinkles, topped with a Hershey's Kiss and/or and sweet and chewy candy corn pumpkin. Who wouldn't want one?

Can't find ridiculously cool sprinkles like this at your local grocery? Some bakeries sell novelty sprinkles, and if you strike out there, Marshalls and TJ Maxx always seem to have fun varieties in stock in their random food aisles.

For the cookie, I used this recipe from the Curvy Carrot (as I did for my Kiss Cookies).

I experimented topping them with a Hershey's Kiss, a candy corn pumpkin, or both. If you're just using one topper, push it into the cookie right after they've finished baking. If you use both (as I did in the top photo - this was my favorite variety), take the cookies out after 6-7 minutes in the oven. Quickly push a Kiss into each one, then return to oven for another 2 minutes. After they come back out, push a candy corn into each kiss, squishing the kiss down around the mini pumpkin.

These look darling, but even better, they taste awesome. I'm slowly being converted to a candy corn fan since I've discovered mashing them into dark chocolate!