Pumpkin Candy Bowl

There I was, walking to yoga class on a beautiful Saturday morning, when I stumbled upon a yard sale. Living in the city with no car, I don't frequent yard sales. But I just might start.

This beauty was one dollar. That's right. A buck!

Obviously I love pumpkins, so I had to have it. But I ALSO love candy bowls. And I think this one is neutral enough to be appropriate year-round.

I also got an extension cord for another dollar, but it wasn't as photogenic.

Anyone else have great yard sale experiences?


  1. Nice find Hannah Banana. Think I could make oatmeal in that?

  2. I'm more of a rural antiquer than a yard saler... I bought a beautiful cut glass candy dish for $6! Let's see more pictures of your candy dishes!

  3. Clare: I'm not sure I trust the integrity of the bowl to withstand oatmeal heat... Although the woman who sold it to me suggested making jam in it, which seemed pretty improbable as well.

    Eleni: I wish we had antique stores here! In MO there were so many cheap finds there. And sadly, my other candy bowls are pretty much just bowls. I need to bulk up my collection.


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