Candy Corn Cookies

Full disclaimer: I hate candy corn. I hate the texture. I hate that the only ingredients are corn syrup, sugar, and red no. 6.

What I DO like is that they're so darn cute. And somehow in these chocolate cookies, they're not half bad. And they make a simple cookie into a themed treat.

So whether you love or hate candy corn, I think you just might like these little cookies. The candy makes a chewy icing-like layer. Yummy.

What's cuter than candy corn? Pumpkins! Courtesy of Brach's Autumn Mix.

Find the recipe at Bake at 350. Use Dutch process cocoa for a super dark-colored cookie (I used natural). And I found that baking them 8 (instead of 10-12) minutes was sufficient.

I made these in about 30 minutes - you barely need an excuse or occasion to whip them up!


  1. Well, I'm with you on candy corn. I've never liked the stuff much. The cookies do look good, though.


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