My Easter Basket

I don't generally do that much for Easter, but thankfully my parents still send me a basket every year from the Easter Bunny. Actually, our family grew up with the Easter Iguanodon, so his name is on the return address label. Don't ask.

Here's this year's haul:

Glitter glue! For the child and crafter in all of us. Those are two of my most prominent personality traits, so this is perfect for me. They'll definitely come in handy for homemade greeting cards.

And who doesn't need heart-shaped post-it notes? No one. I really love novelty post-its... I'm not sure anyone actually knows this about me, including my parents, but they hit the nail on the head with this one.

And the token Easter stuffed animal... The pteranodon! I shall call him Pterry.

And finally, to the normal part of an Easter basket... chocolate. Dark chocolate Lindt truffles to be exact. It may take me a while to get through these, seeing as I made 80 dark chocolate truffles a few days ago (see yesterday's post). Wine not included.

Thank you Mom & Dad! Did anyone else get anything as good as a stuffed pteranodon?


  1. I also love novelty post-its! I already have some heart ones, actually, so fortunately I got star-shaped ones in my basket.


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