Lollipop Cookies

Cookie pops!

Not really much to say here, as I used my standard shortbread recipe from Ina Garten (doubling the salt and cutting the baking time in half) and didn't take any photos as I went along. Ina's recipe made 19 of these large (4 inch) cookies.

I baked the cookies with the sticks underneath them, which fuses them.

To decorate them as lollipops, I made royal icing and first iced each cookie with a solid bright color (pink or yellow). While the icing was wet, I covered them in matching sanding sugar to make them look glittery.

After the icing was completely dry, I iced a spiral onto each cookie with the same color as their base coat. While this icing was wet, I dumped rainbow nonpareils on to completely cover the spiral and then shook off the excess. (Hint: it takes a ton of excess sprinkles, so I collected them on wax paper and reused them.)

And to finish off, I wrapped each cookie in a plastic baggie and tied it up with a ribbon! I brought these in to an office meeting for a fun afternoon snack, but they'd make great party favors as well.


  1. Too freaking cute. Like my favorite.

  2. AWESOME idea! These are so cute!


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