Chocolate Shamrock Cookies

Happy St. Patrick's Day! No holiday is complete without a themed cookie, and as St. Pat's is one of my favorites, I had to make something special. I've done decorated cookies a few times (see here and here), but I've never combined the cut-out cookie with chocolate. Weird, as chocolate is my food group of choice. So here it goes.

The chocolate cut-out cookie recipe is from Bake at 350, a cute cookie-centered blog. This dough was amazing. It tasted like the inside of a truffle. I considered just rolling it into balls and serving it as is, but I decided not to risk spreading salmonella to my friends and coworkers.

Also, unlike my standard shortbread dough, the chocolate dough was incredibly easy to work with, probably because of the egg in it holding it together. It wasn't too crumbly, it didn't stick to the counter. It was awesome.

I used two different shamrock cookie cutters, one four leaf (I didn't like this one as much, but it was bigger), and one traditional three leaf. They cooked for 8 minutes (per the recipe), and although I was afraid I wouldn't be able to tell when they were done (being dark brown no matter what), that was the perfect baking time.

Also unlike my shortbread, they came out so smooth on top! Perfect for icing. And they kept their shape perfectly.

Time for decorating. I made royal icing and tinted it green (of course). Using squeeze bottles, I piped the outlines and then filled them in, finishing off with a ton of sprinkles.

I'm not sure what happened with the top left one here... I think I must've hit an air bubble in my icing.

So they looked good, but how did they taste? Amazing. I followed the recipe exactly and I can't think of any modifications I would make next time. The hint of espresso powder definitely helps bring out the chocolate flavor, and they tasted almost like a dark chocolate brownie. Even the sugary icing, which I normally don't really like, complemented the chocolate perfectly.

Now I'm deciding when I can make these next.


  1. A good choice:)
    Jill and I are going to hear Eileen and Kelly play tonight, then all the SLIA crew will be at my house before Westfalls. Miss you girls on days like today!

  2. Clare: Hope you had an awesome St. Pat's! That is much more Irish than mine was. These cookies and a green dress were pretty much all I had going on.

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