Chocolate Banana Trifle

When we moved into our apartment last fall, the previous tenants had done a very thorough cleaning job and luckily, we weren't left dealing with any of their abandoned belongings. Except one item: a glass trifle dish. I have been waiting to put it to use for six months, and this weekend I finally made a huge, beautiful trifle.

Nope, I didn't even make the pudding from the scratch. The two flavors I worked with were chocolate and banana, so I bought some easy instant pudding to start with.

I knew brownies would really take this to the next level. My first step was whipping up a batch, letting them cool (I sped this up in the freezer), and cutting them into bite size cubes. Obviously I had to test a couple.

Next I made the two bowls of pudding. I used two boxes of chocolate and one box of banana. The fake banana flavor was a little strong, so I mixed in about a cup of cool whip to mellow it a bit.

Next up: actual bananas. I sliced two large bananas, which ended up being just the right amount.

Here's the trifle dish. Isn't it cool? I'm so glad they decided they had no use for it. Now that I had all my ingredients prepped, it was time to start layering.

First some chocolate pudding and sliced bananas. The foundation of my trifle.

Next up: layers of cool whip, banana pudding, and brownie chunks.

More chocolate pudding and, I forgot to mention, Nilla wafers! These go so well with the banana pudding.

Annnnd here's the final product. I think by the end it was:
3 layers chocolate pudding
3 layers Cool Whip
2 layers banana pudding
2 layers banana slices
2 layers brownies
2 layers Nilla wafers

And somehow the trifle dish fit EXACTLY the amount of stuff I had prepared. Fate.

This dessert was the sum of all my favorite things, and in my opinion, delicious. It lasted a couple extra days covered in plastic wrap in the fridge, and really only got better as the pudding/brownie/whipped cream goodness soaked into each other.


  1. This reminds me of something Barefood Contessa would make.For Jeffrey. To eat at a picnic.

  2. So true! And she'd probably pick some gorgeous wildflowers that she just happened to spot in a meadow on the way over.

  3. I wasn't supposed to put meat in the trifle!

  4. No you weren't. I did NOT taste good.

  5. Oh, man. I need to make trifle. We got those adorable mini trifle dishes as a wedding present! Although I hate fake banana, so I'm going to have to substitute something for that.

  6. Cabell - I think vanilla pudding with banana mixed in would be a good substitute. Or you could make a custard with banana puree in it. Mmm.


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