Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vintage Champagne Glasses

As part of our Valentine's Day celebration, my boyfriend and I watched "Casablanca." While there are a million great things about this movie, this time around I kept noticing the amazing champagne glasses. Classy and vintage.

Lookin good, Bogey.

I pointed out to my boyfriend how it would be great to own some vintage champagne glasses, and resolved to keep an eye out for them.

Fast forward one week. I was in Columbus, OH this weekend visiting a friend, and we made a stop at the antique shops in uptown Westerville. I was in a store for about 4 minutes before I spotted these.

What's more, the set of 2 was $10! A couple hours after landing in Boston, we were christening these with a bottle of Andre. Good deals all around.


  1. The traditional coupe glass was actually developed for the particular style of sweet, bubbly dessert champagne popular at this period, obtained by adding an extra measure of 'dosage' , although fluted glasses were also used to avoid spillage when champagne was served at standing receptions. It was only around 1930 that the now familiar dry style of champagne became established.

  2. On the off chance that you know these three that will cover 99% of all champagne that is made.)wine of the month club


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