Super Bowl Snack

I love the Super Bowl. Football, lots of snackage, and beer. I just wish that the following Monday were a national holiday. Can't have everything, I guess.

Isn't this veggie tray beautiful? All I had to slice were cucumbers and celery, since grape tomatoes and baby carrots are nature's finger foods. And I got to use my French Bull plaid platter for the first time! (See the rest of my plaid tableware here.)

You may be thinking, wow, she's a healthy Super Bowl snacker. How wrong you would be. We were dipping the veggies in my boyfriend's buffalo chicken dip, aka bowl of grease. (And then topped it off with brownies.) Delicious, not nutritious. But since we first made the dip for the first NFL game of the season, it was only appropriate to have it this weekend.

Too bad we weren't still watching the Pats.