Shortbread Heart Pops

This post is a little late, since you probably won't go to the trouble to make these post-Valentine's Day. But you can put any shape on a stick and make it a fun cookie pop!

Per usual, I made these with Ina Garten's shortbread recipe, but I doubled the salt and only baked them about 10-12 minutes. I used smooth and scalloped heart cookie cutters from my Wilton 100 cookie cutter set. Such a good investment.

I laid the heart cutouts on 6 inch lollipop sticks (with the stick about halfway up the heart), placed the sheet in the fridge to chill the dough for about 20 minutes, and then baked for 11 minutes (don't worry, the sticks won't burn). You can tell the cookies are done when it looks like the bottoms have browned (but not the tops!).

Yes I had a broken heart. Lesson: don't try to turn the cookies over to examine the sticks until they are completely cool! Now on to decorating. I used dark chocolate candy coating, melted in the microwave and piped onto the cookies, plus Wilton heart mix sprinkles. Below see the three stages of decorating: outlining the border, filling the center, and sprinkling!

All done. I shook the excess sprinkles off after the chocolate coating had set.

And then I wrapped each of them in a plastic baggie and secured with a white ribbon, curling the ends.

And here they are again all packaged. I designed these labels, printed them on white card stock, and then cut scalloped circles out of red card stock to frame each one.

I really like the way the scalloped cookie looks with a smooth-edged heart piped onto it with icing/chocolate. I'll try to remember that for next time. Because cookie pops definitely won't be limited to hearts now that I've tried them!


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