Headband Ear Warmer

With the exception that it actually hit 40 degrees yesterday, it is COLD outside. And the snow is seemingly endless. That combined with the fact that my ear muffs broke last month: I needed some quick ear warmers.

These were incredibly easy to make. Even if you have never crocheted in your life, you could make this. Find a video that teaches single crochet, and you'll be up and running.

For your first row, crochet for as long you want the width of the headband to be. Then crochet a strip as long as you want the circumference of the headband to be. Then join the ends of the strip together, either by crocheting through both ends or just sewing. Voila.

To embellish the first one I made, I wove two lengths of green ribbon into the top and bottom, tying the ribbon ends on the inside of the headband. Easy peasy.

For the second one, which I also made narrower than my first creation, I arranged a burst of buttons (from a $5 bag of coordinating buttons) and sewed them in place with white embroidery thread. I got this idea from a girl on the T wearing a similar construction (the colors weren't as fun, though).

Photo: Elise George

Warm, cuddly, and cute. I dare anyone to find an easier crochet project.


  1. AMAZING! LOVE IT!! And are those tommy bedsheets???

  2. Thanks Eleni! And yes, my bed is very Tommy.

  3. Wow, now your blog has a staff photographer?! I'm impressed.

  4. Elise has also taken a photo of Kate for her blog. She's really carving out a niche for herself.

    Although the photo of me is a little blurry. Maybe I'll pay for her to take a professional development workshop.

  5. I think the photography work is exquisite and that is an unbiased opinion


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