Pumpkin Mudslide

Okay, I already posted my accidental discovery of mudslides here, but there's always room for improvement.

This creation was born from excess Trader Joe's pumpkin ice cream in our freezer, which my roommate Elise and I both decided was a little too sweet to enjoy as dessert. It's funny, though, how when alcohol is added, it cuts the sweet down to an enjoyable level.

Here's how I made this blended dessert cocktail:

Scoop of pumpkin ice cream
Shot of Bailey's (or Coole Swan, my Irish cream liqueur of choice)
Shot of Kahlua (or Copa de Oro...)

Blend above ingredients until smooth. Line a martini glass with chocolate syrup, pour in blended drink, and top with whipped cream.

To show the chocolate syrup down there, I probably should've photographed it in a clear glass. But I really just wanted to show off my new chrome martini glasses that my boyfriend gave me for Christmas. It's fun just looking at them.

Alright, go get yourself some ice cream, booze, and whipped cream!