Crochet Heart

Valentine's Day approaches, so the blog world has been going crazy for homemade heart decor. Most of it is way too time-intensive for me for such a small holiday, but these little yarn hearts seemed fun and easy.

Not sure why my purple/blue heart is smaller. I guess I just was tightening up my stitches as I figured out how to make these.

This pattern is all over the internet, but I found it on Little Birdie Secrets, complete with an instructional video if you don't know where to begin. Above is the first half of my pink heart.

And here it is completed! It took about 3 minutes to crochet. I wove in the bottom tail and left the top tail long to hang it.

I have a magnetic board attached to my desk, and the heart spruced it up nicely. (The magnet holding it up actually says "Hate is not a family value." Completely coincidence, but it seems appropriate.)

And here's my purply blue heart. You can use any yarn/needle you want, it will just affect the size of your finished product. I used two bamboo blend yarns that you might recognize from this striped baby hat.

I left both tails out, tied them into a bow, and trimmed accordingly. I really couldn't figure out where to stick this, but it looks kind of cute here on my necklace stand.

These hearts are so easy, you could make a hundred of them in couple hours. String them together for a little garland, put them on a handmade card, or line a picture frame with them... Any other ideas?