Calendar Decor

Last year for Christmas, one of my colleagues gave all of us cubicle-dwellers (read: lay people) desk calendars with each month on an individual card. I love how it spruced up my space, so when I saw a 2011 one at Paper Source that was exactly my style, I pounced.

Doesn't it look adorable? And, oh yeah, I can look at it when I need to know a date. (Form AND function is rare for me.)

You can also put them in a holder, but I think it kind of defeats the purpose if you can't see them all at once.

Here are some great options from Etsy sellers:

They're perfect for a cubicle, but if you don't feel like putting thumbtacks in an actual wall, you can also place them in matching (or un-matching) picture frames, arrange them all on a large bulletin board, or hang them on clothespins on a string. So many options.

And if you're feeling really crafty, you can design your own and print them on card stock. I thought about doing this, but I knew by the time I got around to finishing the designs, it would be mid-August at the earliest.