Brunch Invite

As my friends all know, I love my half-birthday almost as much my actual birthday. First off, I love all holidays. And second, it gives me something to look forward to after Christmas. This year, my half-birthday falls on Martin Luther King day, so I get the day off work. I've had a few parties in past years, but for 2011 I decided to class it up a bit and host a brunch.

Last year I saw a gallery exhibit on American letterpress at BU, and ever since I've been noticing letterpress designs everywhere. I've been wanting to create my own for a while, so I finally got the opportunity with this brunch invitation.

I wanted the invite to be small and simple, since it's for a brunch of approximately 5 people, and I'm already being a bit over-the-top with a paper invite at all. So I made a 5"x7" card with black print.

I found a few free fonts by searching for "distressed," "Western," and "letterpress," and used Microsoft Publisher to put it all together.

I printed on cover stock paper in "Peacock," used black envelopes, and found coordinating labels and seals, all at Paper-Source.

I felt compelled to obscure the addresses, but trust me that they looked even nicer before they were blurred.

Here's one of my favorite letterpress posters from the Smithsonian exhibit:


  1. Love these! And the calendars from the previous post. Three cheers for Paper Source. We're getting one in Philly!


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