Apartment Christmas II

Ahh It's a Wonderful Living Room. Actually, we have barely any decorations up, but here are some simple ones:

Mini Christmas trees. These babies are about 3 feet high and come pre-lit. As I often profess my love for all things miniature, these are perfect to flank our TV (and our new Super Mario Brothers Wii!).

Monogrammed stockings. I saw classy-looking monogrammed stockings for sale at Bed Bath and Beyond for about $12 each. a) They didn't have an H, K, or S, and b) I didn't feel like spending $48 on stockings.

So I improvised! These basic stockings cost $3.99 a piece, so I took it upon myself to learn how to embroider, if only barely. See here for instructions on the double running stitch, which I used.

I found a really festive green and red ply yarn that I used. After finishing the letters, I made those curly-Qs on each stocking by crocheting one row of single crochet with the same yarn.

Yes, there are 3 residents of our apartment and four stockings. Our honorary roommate, Sara, whose bedroom is either the sun room or the basement, depending on who you ask, also got one.