Apartment Christmas I

Neither of my roommates or I will actually be in our apartment on Christmas, but a little holiday cheer is still necessary until we leave town. Building off of my Thanksgiving decor, I left the central color as red and put together a few Christmas-y pieces.

This is the same candle and plate that I had on our bar for Thanksgiving, but I swapped the fall glass beads for clear ones, added a couple tiny pinecones from some potpourri (see below), and reattached the ribbon that came with the TJ Maxx candle. It's cranberry scented, which I figure works for all seasons.

For the dining room table, I kept our regular red tablecloth, along with the burlap runner I made (aka cut to the right length) for Thanksgiving. For a centerpiece, I used:

Silver charger ($1.50)
Glitter pinecone potpourri ($5.00)
Christmas tree candle ($4.99)
Pomegranate candle ($3.99)
Vanilla candle ($3.99)

All the components are from Bed Bath and Beyond, which can get a little pricey. If I had had more time, I would've gone to Marshall's to scope things out, but all in all, I didn't get hosed that bad.

Extra step: I thought about doing this really neat "frosty salted candle" idea from Martha Stewart, but I decided that since the pinecones were already covered in glitter, the candles would look better as is.

All you have to do is coat pillar candles in Modge Podge glue and roll them in a tray of epsom salts. Very charming.

Tomorrow, check out the holiday touches in our living room!