Accidental Mudslide

Over Thanksgiving I bought some coffee liqueur to use in my flourless chocolate torte. While you might be thinking I bought Kahlua, you'd be wrong. Turns out, Kahlua is kind of expensive, especially when I just needed 1/2 cup of it to cook with! So I opted for the budget option, Copa de Oro. Okay, I'll get to the point of this post - I now have an almost full bottle of Copa de Oro and am struggling for ideas to get rid of it.

Also in our bar is a bottle of Irish cream liqueur. Bailey's, you ask? Nope. Coole Swan. You know it's cool when there is an extra "e" at the end. Anyway, it's made in Dublin and tastes just like Bailey's.

I figured these two liqueurs would go well together, and added some vodka to kick it up a notch. I used equal parts of each, shook over ice, and strained into a martini glass. And as it turns out, it was really tasty!

I was very excited to blog about my new cocktail invention. But, after about 10 seconds of Google research, I discovered that this, in fact, is a Mudslide. The very cocktail that I'm always tempted to order at Applebee's (where I can get it with ice cream, too).

So, there you have it. What started as a cocktail revolution turned out to be a (budget) Mudslide. Tasty, though. I'll have to try a blended one next time.

Anyone else have any uses for Kahlua/Copa de Oro?


  1. Make another cake!!

    There is a white russian which mixes one of those plus vanilla vodka.

    Also, where are your martini glasses from?

  2. I actually still have one slice left of the original cake... Although finding another baking use is a good idea.

    Also, maybe I can get people to drink White Russians and/or Mudslides at our Holiday Party, which is coming up.

    I got those martini glasses at Christmas Tree Shops, probably about 9 months ago. I think they were like $1.50/glass!


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