Pretty Aprons

Like many of the near-useless things I covet, cute aprons are generally overpriced and not as functional as an old, plain alternative. Oh well. They can be so damn pretty, especially for the holidays. My friend Eleni recently shared this specialty apron store with me, featuring a hostess apron in Tri Delta colors. Her request: find a way to make said apron, because $100? Really?

Well, I don't own a sewing machine, nor do I have any sewing experience whatsoever, but I make up for that deficiency in my online shopping experience. I can't give you a pattern to make your own apron, but I can share these options, all under $40:

This tulle apron, by Etsy seller CateChestnut, is almost identical in pattern to the $100 option, but for only $26. Plus it comes with an adorable matching pin, if you find yourself needing to be more coordinated.

I own this frilly option from Target - kind of a silly phrase, but I love the lace detailing.

This apron actually comes from a website called, which I have shamefully ordered from before. I gave a blue and brown design to my sister last Christmas (I'm not sure if she flirts in it or not), but this cupcake pattern is more my style.

Oh Etsy, how do I love thee? Let me count the aprons... This Christmas-themed hostess apron from seller SunlightCreations features a removable top that buttons on. I love the geometric gift pattern on the bottom!

Well, there you go. Four great options for when you need to bake something and look damn good doing it.


  1. I'm between getting my own sister the blue and brown on the cupcake for christmas. Can't decide... I love them both and may order one for myself once I try hers on. I go back and forth.... they are both so cute! Thanks Hannah! No if you can figure out a Christmas present for my Dad...


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