Brownies Gone Wild

Cake, ehh. Give me brownies.

I like as much chocolate crammed into as much fudginess as possible. But for a twist, here are a few brownie recipes that stray from the norm.

Like using beer (and cayenne pepper) for a lighter texture: Beer Brownies from Huffington Post blogger Claire Thomas (pictured above).

Or one of my sister's favorites, Black Bean Brownies. I'll admit, these have an interesting after taste, but they are a healthy, still-fudgy, alternative to traditional brownies.

And who doesn't love brownies cooked inside citrus? This is a traditional brownie batter spooned into a hollowed-out orange and baked. Don't worry, the orange doesn't burn due to its high water content. Check out Cooking for Geeks for other weird creations.

If these are making you squeamish, I recommend Alton Brown's recipe for a delicious, beer-free brownie.


  1. The black bean brownies come out with a kind of spongy texture, in my experience--not unpleasant, just a bit different from regular brownies.

    Those orange ones look cool!

  2. My roommie Elise made the brownie-filled oranges with her mom.

    Very oozy, yummy-looking results.


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