Boston Cream Pie

I'm indulging this morning in some delicious Boston Cream Pie. Not just ANY Boston Cream Pie, but the ORIGINAL Boston Cream Pie.

That's right. Delivered to me by the lovely folks at the Omni Parker House, inventors of the Boston Cream Pie back in 1856. (One of the perks of working in events: venues with delicious treats and really nice staff who will bring you said treats at your home or office.)

Not actually a pie, this classic dessert is made of two layers of sponge cake sandwiching cream or custard and topped with a chocolate ganache or glaze. The Parker House's version is adorned with toasted almonds on the side of the cake. Their cake was fluffy and moist, and the ganache had an amazing semi-sweet flavor.

This was the perfect breakfast treat on a slow Monday morning, paired with a hot cup of Earl Grey. Find the Parker House's recipe here, via Bobby Flay.


  1. You may also find the recipe on the Omni Parker House website here:


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