Pumpkin Suggestions

Pumpkin Week: episode 5

Throughout the week I've gotten some great recommendations for other pumpkin goodies. Thanks for the ideas! Here are a few:

Pumpkin Fettuccine recipe, courtesy of Eleni via Hungry-Girl.com:

Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale, recommended by Kerry:

I have to agree on this one; Smuttynose is mighty tasty. And brewed in New England!

Pumpkin Lasagna recipe, courtesy of Robin via MyLasagnaRecipe.com:

Pumpkin Pie Cupcake recipe, courtesy of Elise:

And finally, if you want to actually go to a pumpkin patch and you're around Boston, my roommates and I would recommend Russell Orchards in Ipswich, MA, where we're headed next weekend. More to come on that later, but here's a shot from last year's trip, which seemed appropriate for the blog's Pumpkin Week:

Happy Pumpkins!


  1. Wooo for the shout out!!

    I want to make the pumpkin pie cupcakes and the pumpkin lasagna but both look intense!!! LOVED pumpkin week :)

  2. I think we need to make all of these very soon...

  3. I love the picture of you with the pumpkin...that's pretty much what I'll look like when we go this weekend, bahaha. I think this could mean a great photo-op!

  4. Kim that's exactly what I told Elise! We will look so festive and preggo.


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