Pumpkin Decorating

Tis the season to decorate squash. My friend Cara shared this list of no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas with me a couple weeks ago, and I knew I'd have to experiment.

Here's the finished product; see below for how I got there:

Three beautiful sugar pumpkins, fresh from the pumpkin patch at Russell Orchards.

After washing these babies off with the hose and giving them a quick paper towel scrub, I covered the stems with aluminum foil so they'd retain their natural color when I spray painted.

I chose three of my favorite colors - look familiar? - and spray painted heavily, holding the pumpkins by the stems to get the bottoms.

I combined two ideas from the no-carve list: spray painting and silver thumbtack designs. The initials are for me and each of my roommates, Elise and Kate. Here are the pumpkins in place:

A few tips:

1. Unless you plan on holding your pumpkin by the stem until the paint dries (unlikely), just accept that the bottom will get some paint pulled off when you pick it up off the drying surface (using wax paper should help a bit). This won't show anyway when they're on display.

2. If you cover your stems like I did, make sure to hold that aluminum foil tight while painting. I let the cover on the blue one slip a bit and got some pretty noticeable paint bleed.

3. The no-carve idea list suggested using a dry erase marker on your pumpkin before placing the tacks, as it will wipe right off. While this might be the case on nude pumpkin skin, I found that it did not wipe off the spray painted surface if left for more than a couple seconds.


  1. They look so cute! Glad you loved the link!

  2. So glad you shared! I've been trying to figure out how to decorate the tiny pumpkin I bought. Thanks!


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