Baby Hat

This week has apparently turned into Baby Shower Week. So be it. For my friend Kim's baby (Delaney? Quinn? Gertrude?), I crocheted a little striped hat. The yarn is half wool, half bamboo, which makes it oh-so-soft.

Since it's so small, the hat only took a few hours to make. That being said, I was sewing on the curly Qs halfway into the shower. Here's The Dude modelling:

Cute, easy gift, and I only had to explain 5 times that it wasn't, in fact, knitted. Here are a bunch of free crocheted baby hat patterns to get you started!


  1. She'll look super cute in it no matter what we end up calling her :) Of course, it will be even better if her initials end up being QT! AND...there are curly Qs...I think we may be onto something!

  2. you should really emphasize that this hat was not knit. i bet people read 'crocheted' and still thought 'knitted.' i speak from experience.

  3. you should have knitted her a t-shirt.


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