Snow White [accessories]

I love the clean simple lines of white clothing. It can be preppy, sporty, glamorous, or anything in between. However, since A) my porcelain-colored skin is a wee bit light to be wearing white frocks around and B) it's after Labor Day anyway, here are a few ways to rock white accessories this fall and winter.


1. Geneva Platinum CZ Accented Silicon Link Watch, $18.99
I just bought this very inexpensive watch. Sporty meets rhinestone glam, with an easy-to-clean rubber wrist band.

2. iFrogz Wrapz Case for iPhone, $14.99
Okay, you don't exactly wear this on your person, but it's fun, and the silicone material adds extra shock absorption. (I just bought this as well - maybe you can see why this post came about.)

3. Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses, $135
White sunglasses always feel very Jackie O to me, and these D&G ones are frill-free and simple.

4. Vintage Five Strand White Bead Necklace, $25
From Etsy seller Rebelyun, this accent piece would look great with a dress and tights for fall.