My sister just moved to Providence, so this weekend I went down for a day trip to visit and explore the city. Until then, my experience with Providence had been 1) the Amtrak station, 2) the mall, Providence Place, and 3) the Rhode Island Convention Center. Not exactly historical gems.

So on Sunday, I saw some awesome architecture and scaled a few mountains (hills) to take photos. Here are some results:

I hope a little princess dressed all in purple lives in this house.

Not sure when "soon" is, but I'd love to come back for a show.

As Sophie put it, "I love houses that look like cakes." That sums this one up.

Roger Williams National Memorial. When it snows I bet it looks just like Narnia.

Another cake-like house, lined with matching yellow fence.

The capitol had construction messing up the front view, but this shot was even better.

Now I want to find a Historic Homes of Rhode Island book, or something along those lines.