Nutella Cupcakes with Blackberry Buttercream

My friend Kase and I were brainstorming for weeks about what treat we would make when we next joined forces. We settled on a nutella cupcake, and after much deliberation (nutella, vanilla, lemon, peanut butter were all discussed), settled on blackberry buttercream frosting.

Pretty, huh? We used lemon zest on top in lieu of sprinkles, which also helped cut the sugar taste. Which brings me to my next point: these babies looked darling, but tasted... interesting.

I swear we used recipes, but something was just askew. The cupcakes tasted fine, but were a little dry, and honestly could have used more nutella. The main issue, though, was the "buttercream" made with blackberries.

With a start like this, how could it go wrong?? Excellent question. After following the recipe, it was more like jam. Maybe cake filling. But not frosting. So we added (a lot) more powdered sugar to stiffen it up, and then it tasted like... jam with a bunch of powdered sugar mixed in.

We ate a couple to be good sports, but then gave up and bought multiple bags of Hershey's kisses. Can't go wrong there.

If you're looking for a better dessert made with berries and nutella, I just realized this combo is also used in this recipe, and with yummy results.


  1. These are still sitting in their little container on my kitchen table. I'm in denial about our baking shenanigans-gone-wrong.

    I blame the juice from the blackberries for the frosting's original consistency, thus the need for epic powdered sugar.

    I guess not everything can be DELICIOUS.

  2. Hmmm... This unfortunately falls outside my range of culinary experience. I'm a little surprised that the recipe had you putting the blackberries in with the butter at the start. My inclination would be to make the buttercream, maybe even colored a bit to suggest berries, then bust or chop the berries coarsely and stir them in at the end just before frosting the cupcakes.

  3. P.S.
    I've tried nutella cookies before and had them turn out pretty dry. Seems like nutella is deceptive that way.

  4. Allen, that was kind of my reaction - it seems like the initial inclusion of the blackberries might be what messed it up. Odd recipe, that.


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