No Sew Fleece Blankets

Fall is almost here and I wanted a fleece throw to cozy up with. So I made a super girly one for me and a super manly one for my boyfriend. These are easy, inexpensive, and all-purpose.  I used 2 yards (x2 for the backing) of fleece for each blanket, although a yard and a half probably would have been fine for a throw.  All you need is fabric and a pair of scissors! Here's how:

1. Lay two  pieces of fleece on top of each other, the bottom one face down and top one face up. Trim edges to desired size. Tip: place pattern side on the top to give you a better guide when cutting.

2. Cut out 4" squares out of each corner of fleece.

3. Cut 4" fringe about an inch apart all around sides. These will all be tied together, so don't worry if your cutting isn't perfectly straight.

4. When all the fringe is cut, tie the front and back fabric together at each strip with a double knot.

5. Tie all the way around, and you're done! Warning: the fringe steps take longer than you might expect. I probably spent an hour on each blanket.


  1. Love this!! Strikes me as a very easy, inexpensive but heart warming gift! I need to find some Michigan State Fleece and make one for Bill. Pumpkin Patch Blog, you've done it again!!!

  2. i am so doing this!

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