January Jones + Versace = Love

A quick post today since I'm in the midst of moving/unpacking. Just wanted to spread the love for January Jones' Versace dress from the Emmy's this past weekend. Although I've seen a lot of hating on it (and apparently Access Hollywood dissing her was being piped in live to the theater where she could see it pre-show), I'm in love. And besides, who do you trust, Access Hollywood or Versace?

Although the fashion police approved of th dazzling blue, they hated everything else I love about this ensemble: the asymmetrical hemline, the material, the train, even her shoe pairing and hairstyle. Yes, the cups are a bit Madonna-esque, but she rocks it.

Keep 'em coming, Jan.


  1. I love this too and I cannot understand who wouldn't. Its such a departure from her character on Mad Men but still shows off what a gorgeous woman she is. It has all the elements an award show dress should have: it's fun; it's kinda flirty; it's intersting; its dramatic; it's fantastic!


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