Cucumber Gimlet

This cocktail is pretty summery, but as it's made with all my favorite ingredients, I'm fine with drinking it all year round. A traditional gimlet is just half gin, half lime juice, but there are lot of variations to suit individual tastes.

My concoction adds cucumber for a refreshing twist. Here's how it goes:

2 oz gin (Hendrick's is best for this as it's cucumber-infused)
2 oz lime juice (use Rose's Lime Juice for a slightly sweeter version)
4 slices of cucumber (1/4 inch thick)
1 cup ice
pinch of super fine sugar (optional)

1. Chop up three of the cucumber slices. In a martini shaker, combine chopped cucumber with gin, lime juice, ice and sugar (optional) if you like a slightly sweeter cocktail.

2. Shake - a lot. This is how you get the cucumber flavor in.

3. Strain into a glass and top with the remaining slice of cucumber.

4. Ahhhh.