Recycled Izze Arrangements

I like flowers. I like Izze. I like recycling. I needed something to make my kitchen a little prettier, so these likes all came together.

Izze is pretty much the only soda I like, as it's just sparkling juice. It comes in loads of flavors, although my favorite is blackberry. I've always really liked the clean design on the bottle, and after I saw a couple coordinating colors of them in my fridge, I had the idea to make them into home decor.

I don't really like the orange flavor, but I forced it down to save the bottle and complete my color scheme.

I peeled off the back label with all the nutritional information and scrubbed them clean, making them flower ready! Fresh cut flowers obviously look great when you have them, but I have these fake gerber daisies (purchased for about $3 from the Christmas Tree Shops) on hand when needed.


  1. You are a regular Martha Stuart (without the jail time, of course!)


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