The Perfect Trench

My friend Kase is lusting over a trench coat (included below) and got me thinking about trenches as well. The past few days in Boston have been a little chilly, so I've yet again rediscovered my favorite gray trench coat from NY&Company, circa 2007. But who doesn't need another one, since they're perfect for fall and spring (and maybe winter, depending where you live). These are a few of my favorites, from the extremely affordable to one I'll just fantasize about.

Under $100

Old Navy $49.50

Victoria's Secret $98

Under $200

MICHAEL Michael Kors

Banana Republic $198


J. Crew $298

Karen Millen $630

p.s. In case anybody's wondering, Kase is after the Banana version.


  1. Oh, and I will HAVE IT. I don't care if it cuts severely (read: almost completely) into the grocery fund, I will have it! (In slate gray.)

  2. Kase, you need it!! It's so perfect for a journalist!

  3. I got a Jessica Simpson trenchcoat off bluefly for pretty cheap awhile back--I think the official name of the color is "Chili Pepper" or something, but I just call it Whorehouse Red. I think this is it:

  4. Breaking news: IT IS MINE. I may have wept as I passed my debit card (and coupon!) to the checkout girl, but it's mine.

    And I wore it yesterday. And, yes, I'm fully aware that yesterday was still August. In my defense, it was overcast! And the coat is just really that pretty.

  5. onto bigger and better things, hanner!!


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