New Shoes

I thought I'd share my newest pairs of pumps, chosen by me and bankrolled by my boyfriend (happy birthday to me). DSW might have a lot of really fugly shoes, but if you take the time to explore, you can always find some gems.

Karro Glitter Pump | SM by Steve Madden (photo © DSW)

I think these will look awesome with a cute LBD and a multi-strand gold necklace. I wore them out last Saturday night with shorts and a halter top and a homeless man told me I looked like a model - ANTM here I come.

Cover Look Polka Dot Platform Pump | Not Rated (photo © DSW)

These called to me from across the store. For the price, I thought they'd be of really cheap construction but they feel and look high quality. They also come in black/white but I thought the blue and red had more character. I think they'd look adorable with a romper (something I don't yet own, but Arden B has a great selection that caught my eye), but it's hard to decide what color matches best with them without getting too patriotic.