Nautical Tableware

In the midst of packing up my entire apartment this weekend to move, I've found some belongings I had completely forgotten about. Most of them are things like old 3D glasses, dust bunnies the size of my head, and mix tapes. But these little plates were a hidden gem. I bought them earlier in the summer at the Cape Ann Whale Watch gift shop in Gloucester, Mass, and had never taken them out of their box. $10 for the set, which I thought was pretty good for being in a tourist trap.

Yes, they say Nantucket. Obviously not a local Gloucester product. I just love those cute little whales. I plan to actually use the plates at my new apartment, and they'll be perfect for breakfast or dessert.

They're made by Boston Warehouse, a company I recognized from their "Animal House" line, which are little kitchen gadgets in the shapes of animals.


  1. I've been coveting this guy forever:

  2. You should go for it, Eleni. Rue La La had a sale on Thomas Paul pretty recently. Not that whale platter, but a bunch of their plate sets.

  3. I need an invitation. Are you a member? Do you have any invitations left?

  4. I just invited you at your gmail account. You'll get emails from them every day at 11 a.m.


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