Mini Donuts

So my friend Carol recently purchased a mini donut making machine that she is a little obsessed with. As someone who loves both donuts and all things miniature, I too was pretty psyched to try this thing out. She's owned the thing for like two months, she lives in the building next door, and FINALLY she invites me over for donut making. Here are the results:

The donut machine filled WAY too full (we corrected the next round):

Hot off the press!

With Betty Crocker dark chocolate frosting applied:

Carol applies sprinkles:

All sprinkled up:

Nom nom nom:


  1. I think I actually put this on our wedding registry, considered our health and well-being, and took it off.

  2. P.S. I told Don about the wedding registry thing and he said "Thank god." He was glad I took it off because if we had one of these we'd both be dead inside a year.


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