Lilly Craft Tote

Lilly Pulitzer, one of my favorite too-preppy-for-its-own-good brands, had a crazy summer sale last week, so I took the opportunity to pounce on a tote bag I had been eying. I wanted it mainly for use as a craft bag, to carry yarn and supplies, so I wasn't really willing to spend the normal price of $88. But at $38 I couldn't resist!

The print is called "Queen of Green;" I really like all the little recycle signs and light bulbs. Granted, it's completely summery and fall is pretty much already upon us in Boston, but I just don't care.

Voila - full of crafts. It also has an inside zipper pocket to store your thimbles.

Added bonus: because the Lilly Pulitzer website apparently has really crappy bandwidth, the sale crashed the site for awhile. Thus, people were pissed. Thus, Lilly attempted to remedy this by including a free key fob in with all the orders placed that day. I didn't have a problem with the site, but still ended up with this cute key chain that goes with the bag (and let's face it, many more of my possessions):